Saturday, August 4, 2007

That Thing Burns 17 Gallons of Gas Just Starting it...

This is a picture of Raven's DB Chris McAlister and his truck. Holy shit. McAlister stands 6'-1", for reference. Unless he works for an excavating company in the off season, I have no idea why an NFL player needs a truck this big. Then again, maybe I do have some ideas...
  • If he gets a DUI and passes out while driving, he can just run over anything in site and walk away without a scratch
  • Instead of hanging out at strip clubs, he could tow one back to his house
  • He needs this to carry Brian Billick's ego to practice every day
  • Tony Siragusa is still a big Ravens fan...he needs transport to the games somehow
  • Tank Johnson needs a wingman for all his ammo
  • Chris McAlister: Not a big Toyota Prius fan
  • This is the actual moving truck Art Modell used while stealing the Browns from Cleveland.

Photo courtesy of Deadspin

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Bill said...

I wonder how many carbon offsets he needs to purchase because of that pig he is driving...