Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rockies 11, Brewers 4

These guys are a first place team? Wasn't able to see, or hear, a single pitch last night. Who gave up all the damages?


woziszeus said...

Cappy was cruising until the 6th and then he didn't record an out...he left with the lead but Villa gave the rest away.

Got worked over in the 8th too. Prince had an error and Helton hit a bomb. Ball game.

AP said...

Pretty standard formula lately. Starter cruising, hits 1 bad inning in the 5th or 6th, bullpen tired and ineffective, no offensive production in later innings. Brewers lose.

Anonymous said...

Colorado went off last night. Maybe someone from Chicago paid off the Brewer bullpen to start throwing games. That's what it seems like anyway. Everyone is on the payroll. I heard they're working on Manny Parra as we speak, hope they don't get him. I don't like the fact that Schroeder keeps making the excuse that this is a problem that every team is having. I guess it is in his contract to say they are getting their tits lit.