Saturday, August 11, 2007

Packers/Steelers Quick Hitters

If Gilbert looked like this in his playing days, what does he look like now?

A quick recap of tonight's Packers/Steelers exhibition game:

The Good:
  • Aaron Rodgers. Pretty much every person I know absolutely hates this guy. I still don't know why. He looked good in the pocket and on the run. Sure, he'll never be #4 (of course), but I feel he can be at least a servicable NFL QB. Then again, we may never know as Favre probably thinks he has 5 more years left in him.
  • The D-Line. This line will be a bitch this year. Cullen Jenkins was the biggest standout with a speed rush, strip and recovery all in one. He added another sack.
  • James Jones looked pretty good. I'll say it again: This year's Jennings?
  • Pass blocking.
  • Brandon Jackson showed a little burst...vs the second string D
  • Corners Will Blackman and Jarrett Bush both made a few play
  • The punter and kickers looked good. Rookie K Mason Crosby nailed a 52 yarder

The Bad:

  • The First string offense did nothing. Ditto for the Steelers
  • The Safety position. Wow. These guys are terrible. They're going to make a pretty formidable front 7 look bad by giving up big plays all year long. Atari Bigby was having a good camp. He and Marviel Underwood pretty much shit the bed tonight. Brutal
  • Bubba Franks is Louganis. Dropped an easy 10 yard pass from Rodgers. This guy is done. Can we just make him a glorified tackle and call him Tootie Robbins at this point?
  • I was waiting with bated breathe to see Pitt's new mascot, Steely McBeam. Part Bill Cowher, part homosexual, part guy on Dire Straits "Money for Nothing" video. Didn't see it.
  • Dick Gannon is a below average color man
  • The run blocking was poor, at best

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Anonymous said...

Seeing that the Packers were able to beat the Steelers 4th string, we can chalk up 2 victories against the Vikings. 2-14 here we come.