Monday, August 27, 2007

Nails Looking for Work

The Astros fired Phil Garner today.

I'm sure Brad is hoping the Brewers go after Nails in the offseason, so he can re-live the Garner "glory years" here in Milwaukee.


Anonymous said...

Its more like the Garner glory year.

-Not so anonymous Jake

Anonymous said...

Let's bring back Garner and Listash to restore the glory!

Brad said...

Cecil Cooper, your new Astros manager. Good luck Coop.

The Brewers should just go GWB and "stay the course" with Ned...he's doing a fine job.

Goldy said...

Frank Kremblas will be the Brewers manager next season. I don't mind Yost, but honestly, if they finish the season under .500, they have to seriously think about canning him. I think he will get another shot, but if they do get rid of him, Kremblas (is that correct?) would be a solid choice since most of the young guys seem to like him. Plus, any guy who can win a PCL division with whatever pitching staff they have left in Nashville has to be somewhat decent.

matt said...

Yeah, I was being sarcastic with that "glory years" stuff, NSA Jake...

We all remember Garner fondly because he didn't suck as bad as the next managers of the Brewers he's good for an occasional soundbite or a postgame explosion.

Anonymous said...

Looking at their respective managerial records over the past couple years I think we should keep Yost on until the All-Star Break then fire him and bring in Garner for the second half. Guaranteed 95 win season!

-Not so anonymous Jake

Anonymous said...

So the lineup for next year should be:
1. Pat Listach
2. Keith Ginter
3. John Jaha
4. Jeremy Burnitz
5. Jeffrey Hammonds
6. Ronnie Belliard
7. Jose Hernandez
8. Gary Bennett/Eddie Perez

I need some help on the rotation. Nails will be the skip of course

matt said...

Steve Woodard
Jeff Juden
Rickey Bones
Scott Karl
Big Daddy Jeff D'Amico (when healthy)

Doug Henry to nail down saves.