Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Doug Davis - Telling it Like it is.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Doug Davis told the Chicago Sun-Times that there was a curse at work on the Brewers' franchise.

"Yeah, the Selig Curse," Davis said, referring to the former owner of the Brewers and current commissioner of baseball.

"I don't want to bash the guy because obviously he's the boss of all baseball. But ever since the Seligs owned it, they really haven't done much with it. As soon as they got new ownership, all of a sudden it starts turning around. What's that say?"

Davis pitched for the Brewers from 2003-'06.

Source - Bob Wolfley, Milwaukee Journal Sentnal


AP said...

Right after Davis got done saying this, he issued a walk to the Chi Times reporter. Then he promptly walked Bob Wolfley on 4 pitches, and then gave up a 3 run home run to Selig.

Davis should keep his mouth shut and go buy some hair care products. Try to make it so his facial hair doesn't look like a gay pirate.

Lastly, how much has our beleagured franchise really "turned around" so far under new management? We're under .500 again. Didn't we go to a World Series w/ Bud Baseball as the owner?

Anonymous said...

What are you hating on Double D for? If we had him on our squad for the 2nd half, we'd be over .500. I wonder if the D'backs are interested in a "trade-back." And yes we can bring up how the crew rocked him the other day. But I would still take him over Estrada. BTW, I wonder if Yost is considering putting up a wall behind home plate and chalking the strike zone ("Strike-out style).

AP said...

How would we be over .500 again?

Davis is 11-11 w/ a WHIP of 1.57 (5.5 Million '07 salary)
Vargas is 10-4 w/ a WHIP of 1.56 (2.5 Million '07 salary)

I'm assuming you mean we'd somehow magically have DD (BB) & Claudio on our staff at the same time....which...OK fine but then if we're playing the magical wish game I'd rather have Carlos Lee in LF too.

Also, Davis is 2nd (1 behind Lowry) in walks allowed in the NL. That's pretty poor.

matt said...

Hey - AP is back! Where were you?

AP said...

I was trying to cleanse myself mentally for this god-foresaken season by taking a break from sports.....

.....not really. One of my oldest friends was in Milwaukee from Florida for a wedding in Racine. I spent the whole week driving him around and I had a couple days off from work mixed in there. Haven't had the time to anger all of you for a while, but I'll make up for it.

Anonymous said...

"Try to make it so his facial hair doesn't look like a gay pirate."

Wasn't that the unofficial seventh Village Person?

Anonymous said...

Just saying he's having a good second half and Estrada needs to learn how to take a pitch and lay off "seconds."
Davis would be pitching for Cappy.
And yes he does have a tendency to make the bases a merry-go-round for walks

AP said...

I'm saying we acquired Vargas for Davis, so how would Davis be pitching for Cappy with Vargas still on our team? Who would we have given up to get Vargas?

I guess we did get Cappy from Arizona a while back, maybe we could've done some weird Cappy/Vargas/Davis trade several years ago....but that's a stretch, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Hey Associated Press,
This is my point, maybe I have to spell it out for you, Davis is having a pretty good 2nd half and Estrada is a little less impressive (and meatier)than I thought he would be. You can get that guy out without throwing him a strike. There is absolutely no allusion (reference) to the trade, because, frankly we have had so many trades with the desert that I can't even remember who we have traded with them.
So Relax a second, don't take it personally, think about what I said without trying to tie it into a trade and I think you will find that I have a valid point.
-Junior Spivey (krey)