Thursday, August 16, 2007

Be Afraid, Very Afraid

This is the new Marquette logo. It's better than the old Eagle, not as classy as last year's giant MU, but, of course, nothing beats the original.

Not sure I like it. Kind of resembles a Chinese throwing star. Can't really see hoards of people running out to get a new T-shirt with this thing on it.


Train said...

I thought they were called the Gold?

That logo looks straight out of the Great Plains Football league. Are you sure they didn't steal that from the Northern Wisconsin Thunderhawks?

matt said...

That logo looks like it's scared of the UWM Panthers.

sleestak said...

Anything less than the Warrior logo blows

sleestak said...

It actually looks amazingly similar to the other So. Mississippi Golden Eagle Logo. I hope they didn't payy too much to the firm that stole, errrrr, designed it.