Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Badger Props

CollegeFootballNews.com now has top 25 preseason rankings at each individual position. Badgers that made the lists and their rank:

PJ Hill, RB - 4th
Travis Beckum, TE - 3rd
Kraig Urbik, G - 9th
Marcus Coleman, C - 12th
Nick Hayden, DT - 22nd
Jack Ikegwuonu, CB - 2nd
Ken DeBauche, P - 5th
Taylor Mehlhalff, K - 8th

Notes: Beckum was 3rd behind TWO TEs from Missu?? Two tight ends, first and second in the nation from Missouri?? LB Jonathan Casillas got screwed, didn't make the list. That guy's an animal. They say Ike and Allen Langford make for the best CB combo in the country.


Goldy said...

Without looking at the list, I am going to assume that Chase Kauffman is one of the Mizzou guys above Travis. That is Paul Kauffman's son. He is pretty darn good. He is more of a traditional TE so maybe that is why he is rated higher. Having said that, his blocking is not the greatest.

Train said...

I know I'm a total homer but is it possible we have the best DB combo and LB tri-fecta in the country?

I just don't buy into all the hype for Hart? He had a good year last year but is just that the overall quality of RBs down college football?- same case could be made for PJ being rated so high

Good to see Coleman and Urbik rated fairly high- I'm a big Coleman guy- he's solid

Anonymous said...

Hart and Henne are both overrated...as is Michigan. I really think the Big Ten is Wisconsin's to lose.

Brad said...

Train, I agree about the overall RB talent in the country. Seems like it's McFadden and everybody else...in college and for NFL prospects. Don't tell Ike...he'll catch him from behind again!

darren mcfadden said...

He only caught me because my ankle was hurting.