Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Reason the Vikings Suck

From the GB Press Gazette:

Want to see the Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis on Sept. 30? The Vikings have thousands of tickets available, and would love to sell them.

Facing a television blackout for the first time in 10 years, the Vikings are starting a big push to sell 5,800 tickets to their Sept. 9 home opener against the Atlanta Falcons, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

NFL rules require teams to sell out home games within 72 hours of kickoff to allow the games to be televised locally. The Vikings must sell 62,000 tickets, but they've sold only 56,200 for the Falcons game.

The Vikings earlier tried to pump up sales for the Falcons game by requiring anyone who wanted tickets to the Sept. 30 game against the Packers to buy the same number of tickets for the opener.

That didn't work as well as hoped.

Thousands of tickets remain for both games, as well as all six other Vikings home games.


Train said...

Didn't the Vikings make a push to get all the big ass corporations up in the Cities to purchase boat loads of season tix in order to ward off the blackouts back in the day? 3m must not have renewed. Not enough scotch tape going off the shelves.

Goldy said...

When the Dome was built ('opened in '82?) there was a provision that General Mills would purchase all remaining tickets if the Dome was at least 90% sold. I guess that fund ran out in 1994.

Having lived up their last season, I could not believe how people just did not care about he Vikings. Granted, its a big city with lots to do, but it shouldn't be too hard to sell out the dome. Capacity is under 70,000.

matt said...

The fans must not have been impressed with the Robert Furgeson signing.

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AP said...

I like the fact that the horn took time out of its busy day to visit us.