Monday, August 6, 2007

Alfonso is Broken

The Cubs lost Alfonso Soriano last night for 2-4 weeks with a strained quad.

That's a big blow. That would be like the Brewers losing....Corey Hart?

2007 Stats (Note that Hart has approximately 100 less at bats):

Soriano: .296 BA, 18 HR, 42 RBI, 18 SB, .511 Slugging, .336 OBP, 95 K's

Hart: .277 BA, 18 HR, 48 RBI, 17 SB, .512 Slugging, .347 OBP, 67 K's


woziszeus said...

I would just like to throw a few things out there:
Nobody expected the Brewers to win 97-100 games this year. 87-90 was what everyone expected, and hopefully that would be good enough to take the Central. THIS is still the course as far as I'm concerned.

It was only a matter of time before the Cubs made their move. So far, THE ENTIRE YEAR, the Cubs have had a better "Expected win-loss" percentage than the Brewers. Based on this percentage today, the Cubs are scheduled to win 90 games and the Brewers 85 games.

I see people jumping "off & on" the bandwagon constantly, people furious over these past couple bullpen blunders, and people calling the team "horrible." The bottom line is that the Brewers are going to win (hopefully) somewhere between 87-90 games. Somehow this has to be enough to take the Central.

LET ME POSE THIS QUESTION:If the Brewers win 88 games this year and finish two games behind the Cubs and out of the Playoffs...would you be disappointed in the TEAM?

If you answered "Yes" to this question, then in my opinion, you are not a fan of baseball or the MILWAUKEE BREWERS.

Tony said...

Thank you Woz! That was a perfect post. Enough said.

-- Tony, Nubs

Anonymous said...

Hey Woz, a good friend of mine once said that "he was disgusted with 15 years of mediocrety." I think this season qualifies as being a bit above mediocre. Looks like your prediction on Braun has been right on, but I think even you didn't forsee him having this big of an impact thus far.

Goldy said...

Preseason I predicted 75-78 wins. A week in to the season I predicted 68-72 wins with a chance for 85-90 if all went right.

Well, I don't think "all has gone right", but I am thinking they will be much closer to high 80's than low 70's.

If the team wins 88 games and finishes behind the Cubs and out of the WC, sure it will be disappointing, but I will not be disappointed in this team. To win 88 games is a grat accomplishment for a team that has been terrible for 15 years.Plus, there is hope for the future and we can all be excited about that.

matt said...

Thank you Woz. Somebody had to say that. I think Brewers fans and the morons at the Journal Sentinel need to learn how to win just as much as the young players do...

AP said...

I agree with the sentiment Woz, up until the final statement. I know you couldn't care less about why I disagree, but all I have to say is that expectations change. Take the Packers last season, following a Favre meltdown and a 4-12 season my expectations were pretty low. After the defense showed a lot of improvement, and the Pack went 4-0 in December, I was definitely disappointed in missing the post season by 1 game. I am still a huge Packer fan.

After seeing Braun, Gallardo, Hardy, Hart, Fielder and a lot of other guys have better seasons than most/some would've predicted, I will definitely be disappointed in missing the playoffs. I am also a huge fan of the Milwaukee Brewers. I would agree that "jumping off the bandwagon" would mean you could call out someone's true colors, but I don't think being disappointed means you hate the Brewers. I would also think that the Cubs' win expectancy in reality is lower w/ Soriano out a month. Another example of how things may change.

....and yes, I do understand the projections and win expectancy. Yes, I called the team horrible, and i did the same thing at the game yesterday. My right as a fan is to be invested in this team. Right now they are horrible, it just so happens that 6 games below .500 over the last 78 games is good enough for 1st place in this division.

However, I'll reiterate that I agree with your sentiment. I already have tickets for 5 games in the last homestand of the year, and I am going to attend well over 45 games this year. I just think it's OK to have higher expectations now than on opening day. I know the WEX% and projections have been very accurate, but I don't think they dictate how excited I can/can't be for this team. If we were projected to win only 30 games this year and we had the same season, should I be more or less excited about going to the playoffs? Again, I'm AGREEING with 99% of what you said, and I'm not trying to start an argument.

Anonymous said...

fight, fight, fight!

AP said...

No...No. No fight. Woz's post is spot on....mine may be skewed b/c I seem to only attend games that the crew loses spectacularly. If I would've been at Sat. night's game instead, I might have a different view. It's just frustrating to have "The greatest win of the year" followed the next day by "The worst loss of the season."

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree. If they only win 88 games, regardless of whether they win the division or not, it's a disappointment.

You can't look at it from your pre-season expectations. After seeing how much talent this team has this year, the bar has been raised, and anything under 93-95 wins will be a major disappointment.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Brad said...

I'm gonna have to answer "yes" to this question. This year is different, it just is. When is the next time all these things will line up for the Brewers:

A 25-10 start, both Houston and St Louis suck, the second place team is pretty average, we have the leading candidate for MVP, just made a HUGE splash in free agency (Suppan), we have about 7 MLB quality starters and 6 MLB quality relievers, and a rookie 3B who comes up and hits like A-Rod.

When is the next time all these stars are gonna be aligned? Probably never. Look, I'm not saying this is our only chance...the upcoming 3-4 seasons should be equally exciting and competetive.

You would like them to take advantage of all this while they can. "Wait till next year," how's that motto working for the Cubs? Even look at the Brewers glory year, 1982. They were 1 game away (or a healthy Rollie Fingers) from winning it all. I'm sure people said "that's fine, we can do it next year." What happened? Despite having Coop, Yount, Molitor, Gorman, Gantner, Simmons, Haas, McClure and Oglive in the heart of their primes...they finished 5th.

Take advantage never know what next year will bring: a Prince injury, St Louis is good again, Sheets misses the entire year, CoCo/Linebrink don't re-sign, the Cubs add more firepower......YOU NEVER KNOW!

So, yeah...I will be disapointed if the Crew doesn't make the playoffs. If this doesn't make me a Brewer fan, so be it.

matt said...

Brad, what you're essentially saying is that this is a good opportunity for the Brewers to win the division. Which it is - nobody is disputing that.

But for as many good things that have happened to the Brewers this year (and you listed lots of them), there have been an equal number of bad things. Weeks was a disaster. Hall has underperformed. They're seemingly unable to hold a lead of 5-0 or greater. The starting pitching has been erratic, at best. The veterans aren't producing consistently. Sheets got hurt. Oh - and one of their division rivals has been the hottest team in baseball since June. On and on.

Yet we're still able to sit here, in August, and credibly debate whether this team can win 88 games and win the division. Look, if they win 88 and that isn't good enough to make the playoffs, I'll be disappointed but won't be down on the team or organization, and I won't consider that year a failure.

In fact, given the sorry state of this franchise over the past..oh...2 decades, I already consider this season to be a success. They didn't completely crap the bed when faced with increased expectations, like they did last year. They're going to give us some distraction from what has all the makings of a putrid Packers team. Hell, they make things interesting, if nothing else (win or lose). It has been fun, and I hope it will continue to be fun, to follow this team for the next 2 months, whether they make the playoffs or not.

Todd said...

Brad stop being so hard on the Brewers. They are trying their best. If you want to jump ship after they miss the playoffs then by all means do so. But just relax a bit -ok man.

AP said...

This whole "Be nice to the Brewers.....they tried really least they make losing exciting" attitude really bothers me. It's kind of a losers mentality. Last I checked we are still in 1st place. Again, it might end this week, but so far I don't know why we all sound like we're 10 games back.

Brad said...

Who said anything about jumping ship? All I did was answer the question of "would you be disappointed if they missed the playoffs?" I said "yes." If they do, I'm not gonna jump ship and rename this blog "Favre's Follies" or anything like that.

AP said...

Yeah....I'm pretty sure the "jump ship" argument doesn't apply to any (MOST?) of the people here. Disappointed or not, nobody's going anywhere.....

Anonymous said...

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matt said...

Como estan, bitches!

We can always rely on Anchorman quotes to get us out of a tough spot.

Wrigleyville said...

6-1 Rockies. Then again, it could be 6-1 Brewers and they would be in trouble.

Todd said...


You still seem a bit fair weather to me.
"So, yeah...I will be disapointed if the Crew doesn't make the playoffs."

Why be disappointed? Its not like you have followed the team for 20 years?