Monday, July 23, 2007

Your Milwaukee Bucks

Bogut going the Drew Gooden route.

So, this is what the back of the Bucks starting center's head looks like. Honestly WTF. I saw a couple of 'dos like that at Fish Day, but from an NBA player making millions? Give me a break.

In other news Desmond Mason is officially back. What does this mean? Well, he does play D, and I am sure Mo can throw him some ally oops. Outside of that, not really sure. Who knows, the NBA may cease to exist by the end of next year. Long live Ray Allen.


matt said...

You guys are so on top of this story that you each had to post your own take. Nice work.

Htiek said...

That is either the style in Australia or Bogut is posing as a Budhist Monk in search of Yi Jianlian.

Or......that is just Chris Van Linden posing as Andrew Bogut.

Drew Gooden said...

Dude...I think it is cool

Htiek said...

Did anyone watch this clip?

The host is swigging from a bottle of whiskey and Bogut brags that Milwaukee is the biggest drinking town in America....... least we can do something right......Come on Yi what are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Other interesting makeover note by a Buck (former Buck now that we have the Great Jake V) is that Skinner has dyed his facial hair red and looks basically like the devil.

Goldy said...

So, Skinner has that going for him, which is nice.