Friday, July 6, 2007

Week in Review

Looks like it was a bad week to miss Chuckie Hacks. The Wrigleyville boys did a good job running the show; I was actually expecting a harsher treatment.

Went camping up north and was basically oblivious to the outside world, except for listening to the Brewers...on an FM dial, no less (98.3 FM out of Park Falls! Bob sounds wierd on FM.) Seems like this is what I missed:
  • The Brewers still suck at Pittsburgh.
  • The hotel they stayed at was invaded by “furries.”
  • The Bucks have yet to talk to their first round pick
  • The Cubs are still hot
  • And Prince will be in the home run derby where we can all listen to Chris Berman call him Prince “Gold Glove” Fielder for 3 hours. Easily the most excruciating sporting event on television.

Camping was good times. MGD Mike and I spent the time wrestling with a man named Mr. Jim Beam. We lost.

The 4th of July fireworks were especially enjoyable. We watched the Boulder Junction (WI) fireworks at the “airport.” When I say airport, I mean a large open grass field. Seriously, that’s it (see picture below). Anyway, here’s the standard drill: park your truck backwards (1,000s of them), throw some lawn chairs onto the truck bed, drink enough beer to float a battleship, watch the show (which is better than you would think), jump back into truck all liquored up, haul ass back to the campsite. If this doest scream “northern Wisconsin,” nothing will. Great times!

Actual picture of the Boulder Junction "airport"


Matt said...

That Furry thing is crazy. We may need to contact Kent Summerfeld to see if we can have permission to post some of his pictures...there's a sweet one with Uecker.

MGD Mike said...

Some things I learned from this week!

1. "Anonymos Hot Girl" is not Hot!
2. Brewers starting pitching is overrated!
3. Even though Brad and I fought with him, We have a new best friend " Mr. Jim Beam."
4. Cubs still suck!
5. Twisted Sister sounds cool when you are sitting in the back of a truck, in a lawn chair,on a grass airport!
6. There are alot of "Big Trucks " up north!

Anonymous said...

The airport is shaped like a penis.