Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Science Experiment

The Brewers are apparently trying to figure out how many errors they can commit while still beating the Pirates. They've committed 4 so far, but just coughed up the lead, and now trail 3-2. Perhaps 3 errors was the maximum, although they're not yet into the stellar Pirates bullpen yet.

We'll keep tabs on this developing story...stay tuned.


Now it's 6-2 Pirates in the 7th. Yo got knocked around a bit (a lot), and now Chris Spurling is in the game (akin to waving the white flag, typically). Why Damian Miller isn't playing today, I'll never know. Maybe we'll get to see a Fielder/Matt Capps matchup, which might be good for some laughs if nothing else.

Perhaps we can see the 40-year-old rookie from Japan again in the 8th. That worked pretty well yesterday.

Nope. Shawn Chacon. I really wish that guy would put a little bend in the bill of his cap. It irritates me, just like CC Sabathia's cap irritates me.


The experiment is over, and the results are conclusive: four errors, a short, ineffective start by Capuano, a poor relief appearance by Gallardo, and a generally inept offense adds up to a 6-2 loss to the Pirates. They haven't put up too many stinkers on the board in the last month, but that one definitely qualifies. Ugh. Who starts a game at 3:05 on a Tuesday afternoon anyway?

They just can't leap over that magical "14 games over .500" barrier.

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