Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ryan Braun's Free Time

Recently there was an article in the Racine Journal-Times about Ryan Braun that was similar to the 100 other Ryan Braun articles that are out there. Braun is confident and mature, doing great for a rookie, hitting in the 3 hole, blah, blah, blah. Not surprising from a newspaper where 95% of its content (outside of articles regarding the latest shooting or kringle wars) comes from the AP wire.

Really the highlight here is the Ryan Braun at a glance section. He states that when he has an off day, he says he likes to spend time at Lake Geneva, "Doing something on the water." By doing something on the water, I assume he is talking about a hot 20 year old from Illinois. Additionally, he says his favorite pig out food is Taco Bell. Awesome. A man who knows good eats. He also mentions that if he could go back in history, he would like to see Hank Aaron breaking the home run record. What a great jab at Bonds while also getting the hometown folks behind him.

So, a guy who likes to bang hot chicks on Lake Geneva, eat at Taco Bell and hates Bonds. Really, I think we can all support that.


woziszeus said...

I'm purchasing a Ryan Braun jersey on my lunch break...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I bet you liked that line about pounding 20 year olds from the flatland.