Friday, July 6, 2007

Orlando GM on the Yi Situation

This looks about right...

Larry Harris has one supporter in Orlando GM Pat Williams. His comment on the Yi debacle:
"They did the right thing," Williams added. "If he was really the guy they wanted, they should be applauded. They went with their gut and said, 'He's the guy and we'll teach him to like German food and bratwurst and 10-degree weather in January.' Yes, I would definitely respect them for what they did."

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AP said...

Doesn't it get cold in China too?....and didn't he want to go to a "big" market like Chicago or New York? I'm pretty sure it gets cold there in January also. I don't know what this GM means by having to teach him how to handle 10 degree weather. I also disagree with the statement that the Bucks should be aplauded for drafting a guy that the owner has to send a letter to just for the possibility of maybe speaking with the guy they just drafted. I think there is at least a little room for criticism in this pick, I'll leave it at that.