Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Only Quality Talk Radio Here in Madison...

Not 2 minutes ago on "The Bullpen," a truly terrible sports talk radio show in Madison, came this gem. They were talking about trade possibilities for the Brewers. One guy called in and said:

"I think the Brewers should go after Mark Teixeira. He and Prince Fielder could switch off DH-ing every other game."

Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

I think going after Texeira would work. Not only could he fill our DH need, but if we traded Gallardo for him, Texas could pick up a good-hitting pitcher as well!
-Braunback Mt

Htiek said...

They reported that this trade offer was initiated by Yi....err..I mean Yo's agent cause he was unhappy with the lack of hispanic population in Milwaukee. He wanted to be closer to his people in Texas...where English is the third language behind Redneck and Spanish.

Also, this would work out great to help fill our need for a quality DH for game 1 of the world series.