Monday, July 30, 2007

More Mini Horses = More Brewers Wins

Is that an unsound application of the the transitive
property you're trying there, Willis?
Chuckie Hacks has determined through an unscientific survey that Willis has not appeared on these pages for a long time, and the Brewers haven't consistently won in a long time. Therefore, due to the mis-application of a mathematic principle that has been forgotten since approximately the 7th grade, Chuckie Hacks has determined that more mini horses = more consistent Brewers wins.
You'll thank us later, Brewers fans.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you posted a pic of a whole herd of mini horses, that would work better.

AP said...

.....and if there is any way that herd of mini horses could all be wearing the shirt w/ Kreese on it, that'd be cool too.