Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Larry Jones: New Braves Manager?

Larry "Chipper" Jones had some thoughts about the Braves lineup following the Mark Teixeira trade:

Although he's managed to still rank among the top three in the NL in batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage, Chipper Jones has been limited by the fact that many right-handed pitchers have chosen to pitch him carefully and take their chances against Andruw Jones, who is hitting .216 on the season and just .203 in the 300 at-bats he's registered since the beginning of May.

"I think if you were to put [Teixeira] in the four hole and move Andruw to the fifth hole, it would change things a little bit," Chipper Jones said on Friday

Well Larry, why don't you just set the rotation and re-shuffle the bullpen while you are at it? Still trying to confirm reports that Larry railed about 5 different strippers just minutes after these comments.


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The other comment he had earlier in the year when referring to his little spat he had with Smoltzie questioning his durability:

Chipper said "I know somebody who better not miss another start this year."

Clearly turning into a Richard more and more each day!