Friday, July 13, 2007

Frankie Winters Robbed

Fan favorite Frankie "Ol' bag of donuts" Winters was robbed in to the tune of $53,000 worth of stuff. Super Bowl ring and all. I guess he couldnt hold the robbers at bay. Zing! Rim shot!
The culprit stole more than $53,000 worth of property. Winters reported the Super Bowl XXXI championship ring as worth $10,000, a 1997 NFC championship ring valued at $7,500, signed pictures of famed Packers quarterbacks Brett Favre with Bart Starr ($3,000) and Mickey Mantle with Joe DiMaggio ($4,000), a signed 1996 NFC Pro Bowl helmet ($2,500) and a signed Dallas Cowboys football helmet ($2,500). Also stolen was a 2002 Jeep Liberty valued at $14,500.
Can he even fit into a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

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Goldy said...

Overland Park, Kansas is a dangerous place.