Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dunn Deal...or Not.

This is Adam Dunn leveling former Brewer catcher Mark Johnson in 2004.
Yeah, I don't remember Johnson either.
A fun rumor circulating today had Adam Dunn heading to Milwaukee in exchange for Tony Gwynn Jr. and Matt Wise. Or Matt Wise and a minor league pitcher. Or Kevin Mench and Matt Wise. Or Gwynn, Wise and a minor league pitcher. I even heard it was a "done deal."
Doug Melvin was not impressed.
It was a "baseless Internet rumor," Melvin said. "There are freaking geeks out there who get ... off on this kind of stuff"
That particular trade went south pretty quick today when Tony Gwynn was in the starting lineup and Matt Wise pitched 3 innings today...seriously, how would you sell that trade to your fans if you're Cincinnati?


Brad said...

AM 1250 must get all their info from said rumors. I guess they reported it as fact. Way to double check your sources 1250.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Melvin was giving a little love to the Chuckie Hacks croud

Anonymous said...

wtf is croud...crowd

Sleestak said...

"baseless Internet rumor" = We are trying to hammer out the details.