Monday, July 30, 2007

Bill Walsh, RIP

Legendary Coach Bill Walsh passed away this afternoon, leaving an unmatched football legacy. In the video game world, of course. Who could forget Bill Walsh College Football ’95 on Sega Genesis? Not me. My "gaming" days are long gone, but this one created more memories than them all. In fact, heated contests in college led to roommates not talking to each other for days. That’s just good times! Here are some highlights of this fine cartridge:

  • Wisconsin (Just off a Rose Bowl) featured Brent Moss (who was tired after 2 carries) and a speedy Jeff Messinger on defense.
  • Kordell Stewart was like 4 times faster than anyone else. He was Bill Walsh C-Football’s equivalent of Tecmo Bowl’s Bo Jackson. Colorado was banned in our games.
  • When in doubt, chuck it up in the air as far as you can, control your WR to run straight into the DB: Pass interference every time.
  • Select your defense really fast so you can watch which play the offense is gonna pick.
  • If you are playing against Straub, make sure there are no cases of empty returnable bottles in the general vicinity. They will be punched.
  • I have no idea who the WR #19 is for Tennessee, but he’s Jeff Query-fast.
  • If you want a challenge, play a season with Army or Navy. Good Lord these guys blow.

Thanks Bill, you gave us many memories. Oh, and you were a pretty good NFL coach too.

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