Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweep the Giants!


BC said...

Zito on the bump for SF. Being a LHP, you would think the thing to do is load up your lineup with righty hitters. Not the case with Zito. He actually gets pounded more by left handed batters (6.75 ERA) than righties (3.68 ERA). Here's a simple managerial test for Yost. If he loads up the lineup with all right handed batters (Miller, Graffy...), I might puke.

AP said...

I was at the game last night and Sheets was absolutely great. It's good to see him snap off a season like he is having so far. Guy's on pace for like 17 wins....not too bad. SWEEP THE GIANTS!

matt said...

Miller and Mench are starting.

FYI - Mench has hit just over .200 in his career against Zito with 2 bombs in 39 at bats. Miller is 2 for 2 against Zito in his career.