Friday, June 29, 2007


--Were the White Sox and Astros really in the World Series a mere 20 months ago?

--Craig Biggio just got his 3,000th hit. Impressive? Yes. But, at any point in his career, did you ever watch him play and say: “I’m watching an all-time great, he’s a sure-fire hall of famer?” I sure didn’t.

--The Cubs are hot, the Brewers are hot…this should be a great series. It almost has a little playoff feel to it. About as much is it can when one team is under .500. CBSSportsline has Bush getting the start on Sunday. Didn’t he just pitch 2 innings a couple days ago?

MIL: Gallardo (1-0, 2.70)CHC: Hill (5-5, 3.13)
MIL: Sheets (9-3, 3.09)CHC: Marshall (4-2, 2.44)
MIL: Bush (6-6, 5.06)CHC: Marquis (5-4, 3.46)

--I figured out the Yi pick. The Senator is trying to save a few bucks. Instead of paying shipping fees for the new jerseys, he figured all the Yi jerseys will be sold right where they are made, in China. Rim Shot! Thank you, thank you very much…I’ll be here all week.

--More Classic Larry Harris: "I guarantee we'll be a good defensive team next year." Bwhahahahahahaha!!!!!!

--What the hell happened to ESPN Classic? They used to show great games: Game 6 of the 85 World Series, a great Bird-Magic clash, an exciting FSU-Miami game…something like that. Now, I swear they only show 4 things: Poker, Rodeo, Boxing, or Stump the Schwab. WTF happened???

--Finally, when some of us were souring on the Brewers, loyal reader Dan Lorum told us to keep our heads up. He was right. Here is more of his wisdom and projected numbers:
I don't want to say I told you so but a couple of weeks ago, everyone was down and I said this thing will turn around. Well, it has and the crew is going to run with this thing. The Brewers had 30,000+ people in the stands on a Tuesday night game vs. the terrible Astros. The city is excited and I have to say that this is going to be one hell of a summer.
GO CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prince 38 2b, 56 HR, 130 RBI NL MVP
JJ 28 2b, 38HR, 104 RBI
Braun 44 2b, 24HR, 84 RBI this guy is a machine and will be an MVP before you can say Saltalamacchia
Hall 40 2b, 20 HR, 70 RBI
Glue 20 2b, 24HR,70 RBI
Weeks 30 2b, 10 HR, 40 RBI Disappointing
Sheets 18-6, 204 IP, 194 H, 24 HR, 140 SO, 46 BB


woziszeus said...

If Ryne Sandberg was a first ballot HOFamer, then Biggio better freaking be. That is all I have to say about that.

matt said...

Bush is starting on Sunday. Read Yost talking about that the other day. Yo is going to middle relief after his start today.