Wednesday, June 6, 2007

NHL Fans Are Watching The Cup Finals By The Ones

At least they make good beer! Even MGD Mike will stray for the stuff north of the border!

NBC just announced that game 3 of the Stanly Cup finals drew the lowest ratings (1.1) for any prime time show in NBC history. No, not the lowest in hockey, or Cup history…THE LOWEST RATED PRIME TIME SHOW IN NETWORK HISTORY!! No, I’m not a hockey basher. In fact, I used to love the sport. But how can the NBC brass ever show another game on their network? Granted, the Canadian viewership are probably not included in the ratings. Then again, who cares? The vast expansiveness that is Canada only has 33 million Eskimos people anyway. That’s less than the 4 states that border Lake Michigan. Seriously.

Oh, by the way…Anaheim is up 3-1 on Ottawa (which happens to be the capital of Canada). Come on…admit it: A) You thought the NHL was dead B) You had no idea the Cup finals were going on C) You really had no idea who was playing in it and D) You thought Canada’s capital was Toronto...or Montreal...or Saskatoon...some god-for-saken place like that.


matt said...

Here's a question that I don't know the answer to - does NBC own Sports Illustrated, or have some sort of a financial interest in it? Because my latest issue of SI is chock full of hockey, and the only rational reasons I can come up with for this would be (1) they're trying to kill their magazine; or (2) they're trying to pump up interest so somebody might watch an NHL game on NBC.

Anonymous said...

I think it does. always has the little NBC Peacock logo next to articles or interviews. Check it right now...there's the logo next to a LeBron article.

MGD Mike said...

Mmmm....Canadian Beer!

As the U-Famliy tournament of beers proved! Those Canucks sure now how to make a fine Labbots reached the finals!

MGD Mikes rule to live by: Fill Half the fridge with MGD, The other half with Canadian Beer...

Did this post need to be about Hockey? Who care about Hockey...I'm going to get some Molson Ice!