Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jack Trudeau: Beer Bitch

"Hey Jimmy, where did you get that house cup?"

How often does a terrible backup QB from the 80s get busted for supplying booze to minors? Not enough, I say. Colts QB/interception machine Jack Trudeau was arrested for providing alcohol to 12 minors after a post-prom party. That's just good times!

Was he planning a Mark Chmura-esque event later on? Was he sporting a tux to fit in with the rest of the guys? Did he build a beer bong out of random materials in his garage? Was he dominating beer pong with his kids friends? Was Peter Tom Willis and/or Eric Hipple invited? I'm begging for the full report!


woziszeus said...

Someone please refresh my memory...I know that Jeff George is the Colts QB in Trudeau the backup on that team? If not..what team is he on?

I want to know what sort of pension he receives from the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau was on the original Tecmo Bowl....he would throw lazers to the unguardable Pat Beach.