Saturday, June 30, 2007

Easy Lover learns from The Glue

I'm obviously excited for the filming of Encino Man 2 to begin!

Looks like NL ROY, Ryan Braun, is learning how to give interviews from none other than The Glue. It's obviously good to see the rookies look to the vets for advice like this.

"They went through the same thing yesterday and came back. We understood we
needed to keep tacking runs on," Braun said.
"It's obviously good to get a lead, you know. It kind of takes the
crowd out of it a little bit. They're obviously a good team and
they can swing the bat, so we needed to keep

"It's about longevity and consistency over the long haul. So I try not to
give away any at-bats," Braun said. "I try to take the same approach in each
at-bat with me, and I try to keep my focus, which obviously
sometimes is not always easy."

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