Saturday, June 23, 2007

Basball Cards I Should Have Traded While They Were Still Worth Something

Growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, seemingly everyone collected baseball cards. Trying to screw your friends out of their best cards Swapping cards was a common as hammering some Big League Chew. Unfortunately, this era had its share of bust prospects. Here’s a list of baseball cards I should have dumped while they still had value.

Eric Anthony
Remember this guy? He was supposedly the next Reggie Jackson. So, of course, I bought every one of his baseball cards I could find. What happened? He hit a few tape-measure shots, but his .231 career average made him more Rob Deer than Frank Thomas. His cards are basically worthless.

Gregg Jeffries.
This guy had it all: Great college career, was a prospect in New York, switch hitter, and a nice smile. He was the next Mickey Mantle. Back in the day, you had to give your friends 4 Nintendo games just to breath on a Jeffries rookie card. Not a bad career, but please...I want my Contra back!

Billy Ripken, F-Face
Who could forget this gem? When it first came out, it was going for $300! Rumor had it, Fleer was so quick to bust out the air brush that there was only like 5 in the world. It was the Holy Grail of baseball cards, and I had one. Today, its worth 5 bucks. Should’ve dropped that thing like an illegal walleye.

Kevin Maas
First 79 games of his rookie year: 24 bombs. What’s not to like? How about the rest of his career…and the fate of his rookie cards. You might as well burn them, at least you get some heat out of that.

Jose Canseco Rated Rookie
This was THE card growing up. You knew all the kids in school who had one. Jose was a freak among freaks in the late 80s, roids be damned. I basically traded my entire card collection, pair of Air Jordans, brand new 10-speed, and the rights to my first born son to get this thing. Got it at it’s peak, of course; which was over 100 bucks, an unthinkable amount for a 12 year old. Canseco’s career went downhill at precisely the exact same time I acquired his Donruss Rated Rookie card. You can get it now for about 5 bones. Check out the stache.

Others: Tony Manderich, Larry “Grandmama” Johnson, Tyler Houston, Shawn Kemp, and Don Majikowski


Anonymous said...

You also can't forget about Kevin Mitchell and Pat Listach.

Anonymous said...

I have a ton of Ben McDonald's you can have.

Pervis Ellison said...

At least cards of me are still worth a lot.