Monday, May 7, 2007

You Want News? Drink at the Brat Cabin!

Thanks to loyal reader Jason Popp for this story.

Aaron Rodgers...when he actually played.

Apparently Mr. Popp hasn’t let go of his college days as he's still a frequent reader of the “Spectator,” UWEC’s fine student newspaper. The latest issue included this: the Packers had a fan meet and greet in Eau Claire last week. Later that night, a few players made there way to, where else, Water Street. Nick Barnett, Mark Tauscher and Aaron Rodgers ended up doing shots at a certain establishment. Rodgers even started talking a little smack:

"When we got to The Pickle, (the players) were standing on the bar giving out shots and dancing," (UWEC Student) Marc Kalscheuer said.

"I talked to Aaron (Rodgers) quite a bit actually," he said. "He was a nice guy and we ended up doing a shot about (San Francisco 49er quarterback) Alex Smith sucking."

The Pickle is formerly known as The Brat Cabin…sound familiar? Who could forget this Chuckie Hacks gem? I guess all the news that is news starts at the Brat.


Bill said...

I spend a few days in EC about every 6 weeks for work... screw the Holiday Inn bar, I am going to start hanging out at the Pickle. Seems much cooler than a lame Hotel bar.

Jagr said...

Actually the Pickle is the old "Nasty Habit".. Just wanted to clear that up.