Thursday, May 24, 2007

Milwaukee King Sucks at Golf

While perusing the newspaper, I saw these results for the Whitefish Bay golf regional.

WHITEFISH BAY, At Washington County
Team results - 1, Homestead 312; 2, Whitefish Bay 335; 3, Cedarburg 336; 4, Nicolet 354; 5, Port Washington 364; 6, Menomonee Falls 366; 7, Milw Madison /Languages /Marshall, 461; 8, Milw. King 601.

601 for King!! WTF? They take the best 4 scores so that’s like a 150 for each player. No way, there has to be more to the story. Are they using broomsticks? You could find any Joe off the street and they could beat that.


AP said...

I didn't know Milwaukee had a king, I thought we had a mayor.

Htiek said...

Another piece of quality investigative work Chopper! Kudos!

I cant really laugh, I think I got beat by two girls at that tournament when I was in Freshman golf......I just couldnt figure out a way to:

"Clot the Bleeding"

Brad Chopp said...

Htiek, I was on that spectacular freshman golf team with you. My 64 (on 9 holes) didnt really help the cause. Then again, it was better than Hanner swinging and missing on the 1st tee a meet!

woziszeus said...

Look at King's scores...there are 4 "kids" that took 9's on every hole for a 162. It looks like King only had 1 kid actually shoot and had to forfeit the rest of their scores. There must be some sort of WIAA rule in which if you don't compete you get a 9 on every hole.

Brad said...

Ah, that would explain it. Isn't there like 1,600 kids in that school? And all they could find was one kid to be on the golf team?

Brad said...

This gives me an idea of a new weekly post..."High School Slaughter of the Week." Book it!