Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lottery Losers

"Hey, I've got a great deal on a '99 Neon...low miles, great gas milage, one owner..."

The ping pong ball didn’t go the Bucks way last night. The worst position they could have drafted? 6th. The Bucks pick…6th. Ouch. Still some good players out there (Horford or Brewer would be my pick), but this hurts. As mentioned yesterday, the Bucks needed a top 2 pick. This isn’t 2005 when nobody thought Andy Bogut would step in and dominate. It wont take long before Durant makes a difference, and Oden can come in tomorrow and be a defensive force. Then again, “defensive force” and “Bucks” go together like BoSox and Yankee fans.

I really think this was the event that kills the Bucks in Milwaukee. I have no faith in Larry Harris and Herb Kohl to turn it around. Heck, take away Harris’ greasy, used car salesman hair, give him a wig, and you could call him Wendy Selig-Prieb. Yeah, that’s a good comparison: Kohl = Bud Selig, Harris = Wendy. It’s the end of the Bucks era in Milwaukee….bring in the Mayflower moving vans, Baltimore Colts-style.

Oh, at least now we know the NBA doesn't rig the draft. The two best prospects in years will be stuck in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland) with 9:05 tipoffs so nobody can watch them. I thought Boston would get one of these for sure. No chilled envalopes or doctored ping pong balls this year...

As for my pick, I think Tito’s kid will be gone by the 6th pick. I’ll take Corey Brewer. Milwaukee needs an athletic 3 guard who can get to the rim. Bobby Simmons is still stealing money and that Euro sucks.


AP said...

I would contribute $5 to hire the Mayflower guys.

Htiek said...

Brutal......I guess thats what they get for tanking games.

woziszeus said...

If we can (and I have no idea if we can...) we should trade down to the low teens and then draft Acie Law IV.

If the Bucks drafted him, I would try to sell a bunch of t-shirts with the picture of Acie beating his fist against his chest at the end of that game against Texas when he made the 3 pointer to send the game into overtime..."THAT'S WHAT I DO! THAT'S WHAT I DO!"

-That was the highlight of this past NCAA season IMHO.

Brad said...

I like Law, he's solid. Forgot to mention, if the Bucks take Noah or the Chinese Rick Rickert (Yi), I will never watch them again. Book it!