Monday, May 21, 2007

Ireland Part II

Top five stories from the Ireland trip (as of Monday):

1. Pitchforks on fire. The political process in Ireland is top notch.

2. We're bringing Sexy Back. Ireland appears to approve with an overhead hand clap.

He lives in Ireland. Or at least frequents the dance clubs here.

3. The Glue with 5 RBIs on Sunday. The twelvesome approved. Attanasio style, via Blackberry during dinner.

4. Little known fact. Fajitas were invented in Ireland. Goes down great with a Corona.

5. Steve Beurlein and Trent Dilfer (yes, Trent Dilfer) have played the same courses as us two consecutive days. Doug C. outdrove Trent today - although Trent was playing from the tips. Dilfer appears to still be on steroids. Beurlein, not so much.

Honorable mention:

Although Ireland is known for their Guiness, you might not know that you can find a fine spritzer in this great land. Try a West Coast Cooler if you ever find yourself in Killarney.

Golf? Don't want to talk about it. I did break 100.


Anonymous said...

That's just a poor man's Bartles and James.

Htiek said...

Keep your eyes open for the "I closed Wolski's" bumper stickers that have been known to show up in Ireland in support of our Irish freinds.......