Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ireland Part I

Judging from my one day in Ireland so far, it is clear that Brewers fever has swept this great country. Well, since I'm traveling with 12 people from Wisconsin, and I haven't actually spoken with anyone from Ireland yet (except to say 2 powerful words - 'Guiness please'), I guess it's more accurate to say that Brewers fever has lightly infected our traveling party.

It appears that Milwaukee got 'Boofed' on Friday in the retro unis and then did their usual disappearing act against a young pitcher on Saturday. We were going to try to watch the game on the MLB gamecast on Saturday night but the inn's computer told me I had to be an Administrator to plug in Flash Player. Whatever that means. Foiled.

So we're stuck looking at scores on my Blackberry. Attanasio style.

More on this trip later. Day 1 of golf was brutal. How brutal? I don't want to talk about it.

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Goldy said...

I hope you have Come See What's Brewing and Turning up the Heat on your Ipod. Those songs will take Ireland by storm.