Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Goldy's Weekly Takes

Well, the Brewers have gone 4-2 since I last spoke with you and show no signs of falling apart for the time being. At this point, I love how this team is set up. With 5 solid starters, it is more difficult to envision those less than stellar 8 game losing streaks of previous seasons. So far this year, the team had a 3 game losing streak in games 3 through 5 and has not lost back to back games since then. In years past, they would talk about Sheets being the stopper, they guy who would pitch great to end a losing streak. It seems like we have three of those guys now with Cappy, Suppan and Sheets (if he has figured it out as he claimed after last night's start). I also don't feel bad with Bush or Vargas on the mound. Much better than having to trot Wes Obermuller out there. In fact, the Brewers should just ban having players named Wes on their roster.

As good as things are going, as a Brewers fan, I am conditioned to losing and expect that 8-game losing streak right around the bend. Lets look at a couple things the Brewers could improve on. Outside of the 2-inning offensive onslaught last night, the big story was Sheets claiming he made an adjustment after the 3rd inning and he thinks he has "it" back. That is good because his pitching has concerned me, specifically, the lack of strike outs. Lets look at his stats for the past 4 years. This year Benny has pitched 36 innings and stuck out 16 batters while walking 6. This averages out to .44 K/IP and a strikeout to walk ratio of about 2.7 to 1. Over the past 3 seasons, starting with 2006, his strikeouts to IP ratios were 1.09, 0.9 and 1.14; while the K/BB ratios were 10.5, 5.6 and 8.2. Obviously something isn't right this year. Is he afraid to snap the curve ball? Is he trying too hard to not get injured? Lets hope this adjustment brings the dominating Ben Sheets back.

Still concerned with the middle relief. Dessens has been bunk so far. He eats up innings, but also gives up runs. Spurling has not impressed me, however, it appears as if there are a couple guys in the minors that could fill this role. Check out the excellent minor league round-up for the month of April for more on the excellent starts the minor league affiliates are having.

A concern, but a good thing, is that the Brewers are winning with Hall and Weeks hovering around .240. I will say that at times, my patience has been wearing thin with Hall this season. Before his big 2 RBI double last night, I was about ready to put him on fan probation. Not sure what that means, but I think I might not cheer for him as loudly. Well, I mentioned this to my wife and then was all ready to put him on probation when he fell to 0-2 and then fouled off a meat ball right over the plate. However, a 2-RBI double later, he was back in my good graces. I am sure that means a lot to Billy Hall.

Anyhow, It is the beginning of May and we have the best record in the bigs. It has been a blast so far. Obviously there will be some down points over the next 5 months, but it will be a great summer around Milwaukee with the Brewers contending. Coming up this week is a big 4-game set against the Pirates (do they wear those ugly red sleeveless tops on the road?). This is a good chance to send those turds back to the bottom of the division.

Some other thoughts:

  • Have not watched much of the NBA this year. Outside of the few Wolves or Bucks games I attended, I have maybe watched 2 or 3 non Bucks games on TV. The last two days i watched a bit of the playoffs. I was pleased to see that T.J. Ford was riding the pine during crunch time last night. I missed his 11 point 4th Quarter, but, at times, Devin Harris doesn't add much to the Mavs offense. It's like he has the Dave Mader/Jason Chappell role. If Yao gets the ball in deep, there is no way to stop him. Golden State would have won last night with Run TMC.

  • Sirius Backspin loves to play Biggie's "Juicy". The reason I really love this song is that he boasts about his "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis." Hearing that today sounds so absurd. "if you don't know, now you know, *****"

  • Shouse can make lefties look like a bunch of developmentally challenged batters. Chris Duncan's at bat last night was just comical. The problem is, if Shouse leaves one of those Frisbees up and over the plate, it could be hit out on to Highway 41 if the outfield panels are open.

  • Speaking of bombs, Jenkins home in the 8th was a shot. Off the bat, I thought it might be the prototypical "It's too high" shot, but he had some muscle behind that thing. It looked like it almost hit the roof.

  • Tone has not provided an Eazy-E line of the week, so I will throw out my own Eazy line from the weekend. Eazy's given name was Eric Wright and for the longest time during the draft, UNLV CB (and ecstasy connoisseur) Eric Wright was Mel Kiper's beast available player. Every time I saw this, the line from Dre's "Bit**es ain't Sh*t" kept running through my head. "I used to know a bi*ch named Eric Wright.... (Disclaimer, I am making the remainder of this verse more kid friendly for any underagers frequenting Chuckie Hacks) we used to roll around and make love to women of unreputable character at night." Good Times!

  • I am pretty sure I no longer wish any type of gonorrhea on Kevin Mench. My two biggest gripes were his complete lack of production for the Brewers last year and his bitching about playing time at the beginning of spring training. Well, so far, he has produced and not complained, so that is good.

  • On Tuesday nights, they often have great classic fights on ESPN Classic. A few weeks back the had Bowe-Holifield, the FanMan fight. While many remember the FanMan, I think the most surreal moment of this fight was pre-fight, seeing M.C. Hammer in the ring as part of Evander's posse, rapping to no one in particular, complete in his shiny, baggy pants. These are the kind of moments I live for.

Ok, I have talked enough and even left some out this week to make this easier to read while you are taking crap. Til next week ... "At Eastern Motors, your job's your credit!"

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Adam Peroutky said...

..."should just ban having players named Wes on their roster."

Nice Work, Goldy

The only thing about sheets is that he's been pretty good at eating innings or, at the very least, throwing a lot of pitches. In five of 6 outings this year he has thrown a minimum of 95 pitches. That's not too bad and in the one game (Cubs, groin) where he threw only 40 pitches, he left after 3 scoreless. His strikeouts maybe down but it seems like the HR's he's giving up are down as well. It feels to me like he's on the brink of turning it around and having another really good season.