Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brewers Off Day - Quick Hitters

With an off day today for the Brewers, let's step outside of the Brewers mania and take a look at what else is going on...

Item! The Golden State Warriors are down 0-2 in their series with the Utah Jazz after shocking the NBA by drubbing the Mavericks in round 1 of the Western Conference playoffs. You should all adopt the Warriors as your favorite NBA playoff team this year, because Larry Riley (former Bucks assistant and father of Port Washington HS graduate Ryan Riley) is assistant coach in Golden State. Keith, I know it will kill you not to root for your Jazz and Andrei Kirilenko (who, by the way, is looking more and more like a Russian mobster).

Item! Something happened involving the Dale Earnhardt that didn't drive his car directly into a wall. I skipped the story, so I don't have further information.

Item! The Badgers are listed by as the #1 most underrated basketball program of the last decade. Really? #1 on a list that also includes Southern Illinois, Utah State, Creighton and Xavier? Gee, thanks. Really, you shouldn't have. Morons.

Item!'s latest mock draft has Dom James going #50 to Dallas. Welcome back to Marquette, Dominic. 'Do Tucker is projected to go to Detroit at #27. Not that this means anything.

Item! Roger Clemens is returning to pitch for the NY Yankees. In an unrelated story, Kei Igawa, the Japanese import that the Yankees paid $46 million to get from Japan, was sent down to the minors. To Single A. That's like the Brewers sending Jeff Suppan down to Brevard County.


Dom James' Jump Shot said...

I'm not very good.

Goldy said...

I did hear that Brevard County is a good pitchers park!

TJ Ford's Jump Shot Replied... said...

If I can make it, you can too.

Bill said...

Jr has become a free agent!!! Reggie, A Rod, and Shaq type shit. This is huge.

Two things to consider...

1. He has to go to a Chevy team so RCR Racing or Hendrick Racing

2. Bud is going with him which means huge dollars. Top notch sponser and great driver. JR is going to get big bucks.

Finally - He will be driving the Black number 3 for RCR racing... thats right its his dads old car.


Htiek said...

First off....I did notice Larrry roaming the sidelines next to Nellie. However, I just cant turn my back on the Jazz. Especially this year.

They nearly accomplish a white wash several times a game...and if you consider how light Deron Williams is they basically do accomplish a whitewash on a regualar basis. Secondly, how can you not like a blue collar type team coached by the ultimate coach Sloan. AK-47 is finally playing like himself and Matt Harpring is the hardest working guy in the NBA....I love gamers and I lover quintisential hard working players typified by Stockton and Hornacek back in the day......The Jazz are full of them!

I wont even mention that heart that D. Fisher showed last night.....I just cant stop rooting for the Jazz. Sorry Riles, I hope he undersands.

Htiek said...

Also, Brevard county is quite nice..a player got in trouble for beaning a protected Osprey there and killing the bird just like Brian Miller used to gun down unsuspecting runners back in the day.