Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend at Miller

Took in the double dip at Kevin Millar Park this weekend (Saturday/Sunday). Before I mention the on field action, a few random observations:

-For whatever reason, Saturday's outing had an opening day feel to it. Seemed like a large portion of the crowd was under 30, unruly, and/or drunk, and/or shirtless. It was weird...just felt like an opening day crowd for whatever reason.

-Sunday we sat in the 5th row, about 12 feet from the Astronaut's on-deck circle. The best heckle: "Hey Berky (wearing #17), why are you batting your jersey number?" I managed to get a glance from Lee with: "Carlos, you need a bigger belt." Yeah, I'm a loser.

When attending sporting events, one of my favorite things to do is look for the lamest jersey some mope is wearing. This weekends best (worst)?

5) One of those sweet $275 retro Brewers pinstripe jerseys with....."27 Clark" on the back. Bwhahahaha. Bet that guy wishes he went with the "7 Hardy" model instead.

4) Saw at least 5 "Overbay" shirts.

3) "Mench" That was just odd to see.

2) Ah yes, the guy who wears the other about a black "85 Chad Johnson" with a matching Bengals hat? Sweet.

1) This one takes the cake. "24 Bailey" Redskins. That would have been a football game, in DC, about 3 years ago.

Game Observations:

  • The defense was outstanding for much of the series.
  • Bushy out dueling Oswalt was impressive.
  • CoCo showed some kinks in the armor, but a shaky outing is expected once in a while.
  • Aquino is now in AAA, hallelujah.
  • Yost giving Bush the chance for the CG was the right move.
  • The bench is really showing its value. Seemingly everybody (sans Graffy) has been contributing.
  • Who else is ready to say "screw it, lets just bring up Braun?" Graffy and Counce have been below average.
  • I think the Astros will be hanging around for a while. A win today would have put them in first place....even considering Berkman has done nothing, Lidge blew a few games already, and the Rocket could join them after the break.


Goldy said...

I rolled with the Friday/Saturday double dip. Good times at both games. Speaking of jerseys, I can never understand why people are willing to drop good money on a jersey and then get some generic numbers and letters on the back. You have to get the authentic numbers and letters or it just looks stupid.

woziszeus said...

Great comment about Ryan Braun. Its becoming increasingly clear that Graf is worthless to the Brewers. He will be good trade material for another reliever sometime in June, and Braun needs to then be called up and thrown in the platoon with Counsell unless he completely tears it up.

Let me put it this way: who would you rather have hitting 8th...Ryan Braun...or Tony Graffanino?

Adam Peroutky said...

I did a Friday/Sunday double dip. Put simply, Friday was horrible and Sunday was great. I know it was 1/2 price ticket weekend, but it was great to see a nice turnout for all 3 games this weekend. When Yost went to pull Aquino on Friday, he should've already had a one way plane ticket to Nashville in his hand, and when Aquino gave him the ball he could've just handed him the ticket. I know Capellan looks like a jag now, but going into the season it would seem to have been a mistake in sending Capellan down and he probably wigged out because he knew that. Basically, now we are out 2 relievers. I'm all for calling Braun up too.......

Anonymous said...

I was in the bleachers for sundays game and was there early enough to watch Oswalt warm up. It was pretty clear from the get go that he didn't have his A game. His warm up pitches were all over the place and he didn't seem to have much energy. He didn't pitch terribly but on that day he was just out-classed by Dave Bush who is actually fairly Oswalt-esque