Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wambold? and Other Thoughts

What does Paul Wambold do with his free time in Minneapolis? Well, he is apparently watching more sports and well on his way to becoming a Fantasy/Bracket picking expert. Fresh off his stunning second place finish in the Camp Randall Fantasy Football League, Wambold has stunned the Chucike Hacks world to take home the championship in the inaugural Greater Chuckie Hacks Open NCAA pool. For the victory, Wambold receives nothing, other than being able to rub this in for the next year. Congrats Paul. The top 5 looked like this:
1. Paul Wambold 180 points
2. Tony Kern 176
3. Tony Matera 174
4. Tim Burg 172
5. (tie) Kyle Kroner, Mark Pierson 168
Also a special shout out to Chopp who finished in last.

Several other thoughts:
- Good time at Opening Day yesterday. McManus is in the process of putting together a list of some of the great non-baseball moments of the day. We are all looking forward to that one. Especially the Cobra mention.
- The Mavs signed Kevin Willis to a 10-day contract. I could not believe this when I it scrolled across the screen last night. Was Mark Eaton busy? Willis was old when he played with Dominique.
- They replayed the Brewers game on FSN Wisconsin last night. I flipped between that and the basketball. Thought that Brian Anderson did an excellent job in his first game as the play-by-play guy. Doesn't get too high or low and doesn't get wood over routine plays or at-bats like Darren the dork did. Another plus was that when Sheets got two strikes on the last batter, the booth stayed silent until Hart caught the last out. I liked that. Good opening effort by Brian. Lets just hope he doesn't get dragged down to Bill's level.
- In the 2nd inning, Hardy hit a little blooper into center. Weeks was on first and went to third on the play. The amazing part of this was Rickie was only about two steps past second when Juan Pierre picked up the ball in very shallow center field. The play was not even very close at third. I am convinced that if I was given a week, right now, to get my arm back into playing condition, I would have a better arm than Juan Pierre.
- The L.A. Times played up the sun/glass panel issues in regards to Jenkins double. Jeff Kent's response was: "This is a bad investment of a ballpark." Thanks for your input, Jeff. Now go wash a truck, dick.
-Unfortunately no Miniature Horses were spotted during any Opening Day festivities. However, there were reports of a 12-person beer bong.
-Next time you watch Baseball Tonight, check out John Kruk's new look. I think he may be headed towards the world of porn.
- Excellent NL Central previews by McManus and Chopp last week.


Adam Morrison said...

Maybe Kent should make a "good investment" and buy a razor to shave that 70s stache!

Adam Peroutky said...

Yeah....Hey Jeff, every cop since 1950 called, they want their look back. A "Good Investment" for him would be to hire a stylist or a gardner or whatever course of action leads to shaving that thing off of his face. This is Milwaukee Jeff, unless you have a 'stache that looks like either Yount, Fingers, or "Moustache" Mike Maddux's, keep your trap shut and go ride your motorcycle.