Friday, April 13, 2007

That Reds Line-up Sure Can Hit!

Well, we all know Zambrano is a complete goofball/idiot. Anyhow that great hitting Reds line-up has scored 6 runs (and counting) off Zambrano and the Cubs in the 5th today. Let's see how this hard hitting line-up has managed to score all these runs (according to CBS Sportsline).
  • Juan Castro single to center
  • Chad Moeller, yes THE Chad Moeller, soft single to center.
  • Brandon Phillips walked
  • Druggie singled to right
  • Dunn singled to center
  • Mr. I'm Injured All the Time doubled softly to right
  • Mr. I Don't run Out Pop Outs hit by pitch
  • Hatteburg walked
  • Valentine walked
  • 3 straight strike outs with the bases loaded.

Now, some of these singles may have been ripped, I don't know, but this is probably the weakest 6 run rally of all time. Zambrano, you are a turd.

1 comment:

matt said...

Will Ohman was so scared of that lineup that he couldn't bear to throw a strike - walked 2 with the bases loaded.