Thursday, April 12, 2007

Frozen Ropes

Another Brewer off day means more random observations from around the league:

O’s pitcher Jaret Wright on his injured pitching shoulder: “it only hurts when I throw.” No shit Jaret…if it felt good when you threw, you wouldn’t be on the DL every other month.

Most useless sat of the year. From Jason Stark, ESPN. The Nats have had a total of 714 players step in the batters box. A grand total of ZERO were standing in their with the lead. Their only win was from a walk-off bomb. Wow.

I see Baseball Tonight is collecting former Brewers second basemen. First, it was Nando Vina, now Eric Young. Vina is pretty solid, EY is not. He sounds like Avery Johnson after sucking helium.

The experts were right; the NL Central is wide open. We could be in for some serious scoreboard watching all year.

The experts were wrong; the supposed playoff-bound Phillies are a mess (2-8).

The Brewers left a whopping 22 guys on base in Game 2 yesterday, but did pull out the victory. Nice bounce back start form Bush who got roughed up in his first outing of the year.

The 3 pitching matchups @ St Louis stack up reasonably well for the Brewers.
Ben Sheets – Anthony Reyes
Chris Capuano – Kip Wells
Jeff Suppan – Braden Looper

Hall and Hart need to stop hitting binary (a batting average that starts with an O or I). .197 and .190, respectively.

As mentioned before, I’m keeping a close eye on 2 things this year: the ineptness of both the DC Expos and Sammy Sosa.
Expos Watch: 1-8
Sosa Watch: .143

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