Tuesday, April 24, 2007

By the Numbers and Other Random Thoughts

We're 11.7% of the way through the schedule and the Brewers are leading the NL Central and just a game back of the Dodgers for the best record in the NL.

This means....nothing. But it's better than the usual 7-12 start.

By the way, you can all thank me for the win last night. Every time I tried to listen to the game on the way home from work, or flip it on when I got home, something bad happened to the Brewers. Home run by Am Ram. Error by Rickie. Flailing strikeout by Prince. Down 4-0. Seriously, the results were immediate - radio on, bad thing happens.

So, since clearly it was my fault that they were losing, I turned it off. Any true fan would have done the same. I checked back in before going to bed, and the game was in extra innings and still going - which was an improvement over the 4-1 deficit that I had last seen. I quickly turned it off again, went to bed, and was happy to hear that they won this morning.

Some may argue that this makes me less of a fan, because I didn't stick with the game through thick and thin, even though my presence was clearly hurting the team. I disagree - I think this makes me more of a fan, because I gave up an opportunity to watch the game for the greater good.


Adam P. said...

I agree....it's like leaning into a pitch when your team needs a baserunner. You knew it might hurt a little not to watch, but your team needed your complete lack of attention and obliviousness to what was going on and you delivered in a very clutch way. Good Work.

Anonymous said...

Way to take one for the team Matt...please do not watch or listen to the Brewers for the rest of your life. That would be great.