Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Barnett Inks Extension

Good move by Ted Thompson locking up LB Nick Barnett to a 6 year deal. The Packers have plenty of cash under the cap, why not give it to the solid middle linebacker?

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Adam Peroutky said...

I'm not a huge Barnett fan. Our rookie OLB led the team in tackles last year, and not our veteran MLB. That's a problem; especially when the "Bates Style" defense is designed to basically filter tackles to the MLB. (See- Thomas, Zach) He is pretty bad in the open field, and celbrates the most routine play. He is pretty bad in the open field, and is basically a coverage guy that should be on the TE. However, we do have plenty of cap room and there would be no reason tolet him get away, so I do agree with you that we need to sign him. I just think we might end up hating the end of that contract, which I hear is a 6 year deal.