Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tom Crean Debate

Anytime there is a job opening, Tom Crean’s name is mentioned. Now it’s Michigan and Kentucky. He’s been good to MU, no doubt. He took a perennial NIT team to multiple NCAA tournaments. Granted, he hasn’t won a bracket game without Superman/Wade (not only have they lost, they’ve lost to a lower seed in his other 3 trips to the dance.), but he’s still been an asset to Marquette.
The questions to you are: has the program peaked? If no, can Crean coach MU to multiple Sweet 16s/Great 8s? Would you really care if he went to Kentucky? Debate!

My views: If you want someone to get great recruits, win 20 games, get in the dance, and lose in the first round…Crean’s your guy. If you want someone to coach up talent and lead them deep in the tourney, get a new coach.


matt said...

As a Badger fan I'm probably not eligible to comment, but who would do a better job than Crean has? He's got them competing in the Big East. Yes, he's probably not a great X's and O's guy, but I'd rather have a great recruiter who is an average bench coach instead of the other way around. Talent wins.

A Peroutky said...

I agree w/ everything Matt says, but take it a step further. If Crean is wooed by UK, should MU step up w/ more coin. I don't think he's had enough success, especially in the NCAA, to warrant a pay raise. If he walks, let him walk.