Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sportsline Brewers Preview

CBS Sportsline's preview of the Brewers focuses on sewage and strikeouts.

The Brewers so conscious [sic] of the two-strike approach this spring that they wage daily competition during batting practice. A hitter collects one point for drilling a ball off the screen in front of the pitcher's mound. He gets two points for a ball off of the screen placed in front of second base during BP, three for banging it off the screen in shallow center field, four for a ball off the center-field wall and eight for depositing a BP pitch over the center-field wall.

I wonder what Brady Clark gets for popping out to left field?

Forgive me for yawning. Just like the Bucks pre-season "focus on defense" story that the Journal recycles annually, I think we've heard the Brewers "we're going to cut down on strikeouts this year" refrain before...


Adam Peroutky said...

At what point does Jenkins work on not taking a softball swing at a pitch in the dirt with 2 srrikes? Geoff, buddy, that whole raising your leg and swinging like you are on some city softball league thing is getting old. You seem like you are a big strong guy, so I would think even a littlle contact should at least leave the infield. Shorten up a bit, buddy. Stop swinging like you have a clause in your contract that pays you a million bucks if you hit the longest, highest, booming homerun in MLB history.

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