Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is That Legal?

If you are shooting a buzzer-beater, apparently you can now: take 4 steps, change pivot feet in the process, and not get called for it. That’s exactly what Jeff Green did to beat Vandy on Friday night. This was easily the worst non-call I’ve ever seen. Worse than Chris Webber dragging his pivot foot about 3 feet just seconds before calling the time out Michigan didn’t have. No, that call didn’t ruin my brackets (those were done a couple rounds ago), and no, I'm not a huge Commadores fan (Vandy or the band)…I’m just here to place a giant asterisk on G-Towns Final Four season. Oh, and old man Ewing needs to mix in a salad.

For whatever reason, the game video looks more like the Zapruder film than a basketball game.

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