Sunday, March 4, 2007

Green's Gone

The Packers let Ahman Green walk - allowing him to sign with Houston for $23 million over 4 years. I'm OK with this development. Although I of course appreciate all that Green did for the Packers over the past 6 or 7 seasons, the truth is he's 30 and has a lot of wear on those tires. Crawling into Ted Thompson's shoes, here are some of the reasons why I bet Ted let Ahman go:

1. The Packers run that Broncos running system now. Ted figures if Denver can throw any Joe (or Clinton, Mike, Tatum, or Mike) into the backfield and get 1,000 yards, why can't Green Bay?

2. Like every other Packers fan, he's glad that he doesn't have to listen to announcers talk about how much Ahman's sweating problems affect his ability to hold on to the ball any more.

3. Saves money on rubber elbow sleeves.

4. Apparently, Mike Sherman was heavily involved in convincing Houston to sign Green. Therefore, Thompson figured that signing Green to that contract was a bad personnel move.

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