Saturday, March 31, 2007

Grady Little is Cunning

Ned Yost gives his thoughts on his old friend, Dodgers manager Grady Little:

He's a very smart guy. Very cunning. He kind of, like, lays in the weeds and then jumps up and gets you.

Kind of like a lion, Ned? Or maybe a crocodile? Or a cougar?

Will Farrell, with Dodgers manager Grady Little

Ask Red Sox fans how cunning Grady was in the 2003 ALCS...


Adam Peroutky said...

I'm not a Red Sox fan or a Sox hater, but Grady Little never should've got run out of Boston for his decision to leave Martinez in. Pedro has been arguably one of the best pitchers of my generation, and the Red Sox had a terrible bullpen that year. You could do worse than having your ace on the mound, no matter how tired he is. I don't think you should give any credibility to the argument that Red Sox fans wanted him out. Red Sox fans were some of the biggest winers I've ever heard that year.

Matt McManus said...

I've got no dog in this fight - don't care about the Red Sox or Grady Little. I'm not saying it was fair to Grady - just pointing out that Red Sox fans might disagree with Ned's use of the word "cunning". You have to agree that Little's decision was curious. I remember watching the game - Pedro had nothing left.