Thursday, March 29, 2007

ESPN Brewers Preview

ESPN unveiled their Brewers preview today. Interesting that 5 of the 10 ESPN "experts" picked Milwaukee to win the NL Central. Even Chopp's guy Peter Gammons picked the Crew in '07. Jim Caple thinks they're going to win 90 games.

For the record, the Cardinals got three 1st place votes, and the Cubs and Astros got 1 first place vote each from the panel of experts.


Brad Chopp said...

This is the first time in my life I hope Peter Gammons is right!

Anonymous said...

So correct if im wrong, but Chopp hates the big 10, and apparently wishes Peter Gammons had died. Does he speed up when old ladies are crossing the street in front of him?

Brad Chopp said...

...only if it's Gammons' wife. Just kidding. I don't mind Gammons...when he's not talking about the BoSox. And his predictions are usually terrible. Bobby Crosby for last year's AL MVP? Then again, I'm not Nostradamus either.