Sunday, March 18, 2007

Die Billy Packer

A disappointing end to a disappointing last month of the UW men's basketball season. I'll let other commenters dissect the reasons that UW is heading home, but kudos go to the UNLV squad. That Kruger kid is sure better than Saul Smith was at Kentucky, and UNLV is a tough WAC team. Chopp, you should be proud of your conference.

When does Brewers season start?

What I would like to comment on is the annoying commercials playing during the NCAA tournament. Because I don't watch live TV any more (DVR is a blessing), I don't watch commercials either. However, I found myself watching commercials during the NCAA tourney (which is now over for me, by the way). Some of my least favorites:

1. Lowe's stupid "super college sports fan" commercial. You have people with body painting, half basketball heads, foam'd think it would work. It doesn't. Terrible commercial.

2. The Hummer underwater vehicle commercial. Matera especially doesn't like this one. First of all, it's a dumb concept. The guy customized his Hummer to work like a submarine. Dumb. Second of all, it has the legal disclaimer, as the guy is driving it off the dock, saying "do not attempt." Really? I shouldn't drive my Hummer into the ocean? It won't turn into a sub? Plus, it runs every commercial break, and Hummer doesn't have another ad to run. Finally, Matera likes to point out that after the commercial is done, they advertise a special sun roof package that you get for free. Guessing the sun roof is of little use at the bottom of the ocean. Unless you're trying to escape from drowning.

3. Any Pontiac convertible commercial. They're all stupid. None is funny. And there are about 12 of them.

4. I should give kudos to my favorite ad campaign during the tournament - the Cingular/AT&T ads. Several classic lines - "no way, Cingular makes TVs that take phone calls!"; "the joke's on him - we're in Italy, my phone doesn't work here. What about when you get back to the Us? It doesn't work very well there either." Nice work, Cingular.

5. Finally, it should be pointed out that Matera commented that he would enjoy the company of the animated woman on the esurance commercials. Nobody asked, by the way. When questioned about it, his response was "like you wouldn't." Indeed.


Wrigleyville said...

Re convertibles, I like the one with the amp...

Jessica Rabbit said...

Tony, give me a call anytime...