Thursday, February 22, 2007

Joe Thomas Walks Goofy

Like last month's Doug Davis story, here is another one from 3rd hand information....Bob Woodward I am not. My co-worker's brother is currently training Joe Thomas at a fitness club in the Brookfield/Waukesha area. He's personally training the Big Fella daily in preparation for the NFL. The brother says he's "stiff," has "weird bowed legs," and "zero flexibility." He wouldn't be surprised if he's a non-factor (Aaron Gibson, Chris McIntosh, Wendall Bryant) in 2-3 years becuase of injuries.

Again, take it for what it's worth...just passing it along. He could be right on money, or completely wrong. I hope this doesn't create a 137 response outrage like the Dougie D story did on another site.

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