Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dickie V...oops

This is pretty amusing. Dickie Vitale was scheduled to be on a Knoxville radio station to preview Tuesday’s Tennessee-Florida game. Vital, who called on his cell phone, had a bad connection and apparently didn’t know he was on the air when he repeated a "confidential" conversation with Florida coach Billy Donovan.

The Hosts tried to get Vitale’s attention but all they herd was the conversation he was having with people at a restaurant in Florida. Unknowingly on the air, Vitale then made his “confidential conversation” with Donovan not so confidential. Donovan told him that NBA scouts were making a big mistake if they rated Florida’s Joakim Noah ahead of teammate Al Horford.

Dickie V, Part I

Shortly thereafter, Vital got wind of his blunder. He called the radio show again where the backpedaling machine was in high gear. Good job V.

Dickie V, Part II

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