Friday, February 9, 2007

Budweiser Park?

Apparently, Miller Brewing is gambling its naming rights to Miller Park for a series - and if it loses, Brewers fans will have to attend games at Budweiser Park.

The bet? It has to do with NASCAR. Apparently, both Miller and Budweiser have a NASCAR team. If Miller's team beats Bud's team next year, then Busch Stadium will be renamed Miller Lite Stadium for a series in 2008. If Bud's team beats Miller's team, the unthinkable happens. I don't know how they keep score in NASCAR, so don't even ask how one team "wins."

To confuse things further, according to the story that I read, the guy who races for Miller's team is named Kurt Busch.

Thankfully, up to this point, the Budweiser folks haven't accepted the bet. However, if they do, let me go on record that I don't like it. And no, this won't make me pay attention to NASCAR.


Ricky Bobby said...

Daytona is a week away!!!

Days of Thunder Fan said...

Great Idea!

Barrett Straub said...

Like I have said in the past: I feel there should be a state law prohibiting the sale of Busch/Budweiser products in the state of Wisconsin.