Friday, February 9, 2007

Bucks Draft....Oden or Durant??

This is sure to be my one and only Bucks post of their pathetic campaign: Danny Gadzuric and Bobby Simmons continue to steal money by the truck load. Mike Redd was having a great season until he went down with an injury (will be back soon). Chuck Villinuava was also playing well but has been banged up all year. Andy Bogut seems to be not much more than “just a guy.” He went bananas for about a week straight until Redd got hurt and defenses started paying attention to him. Rueben Patterson has been a bright spot. His hustle, defense and scoring has kept the Bucks in games…and he’s been a model citizen as well! Can you say “contract year?” Mo Williams has been up and down. Charlie Bell, Earl Boykins, David Noel, Brian Skinner, and a couple of Euros round out the squad.
Of course, only about 139 die hard Bucks fans care about the what you just read. The real basketball story this year has been at the college ranks where Freshmen Greg Oden (Ohio St) Kevin Durant (Texas) are feasting on college kids 8 years younger than them...I mean not as good as they are.

My question to you: Given their current roster, if the Bucks had the #1 pick in the draft, who would you want them to select (besides Tanner Bronson, of course)? The 7-foot power post player Oden, or Mr. Do Everything Durant?


Bill said...

No brainer, Durant is a freak and will make an awesome pro.

Matt McManus said...

They're going to pick about 6th, and will miss out on both Durant and Oden. I would pick Durant if given the opportunity.

Barrett Straub said...

Who Cares! The Bucks and the entire NBA is a poor excuse for a sports organization. I haven't watched a Buck's game in literally 4 years. If NBA players ARE more than hip hop entertainers, if they truly are athletes, then why don't they break a sweat during games, run down the court, or even attempt to look like they are playing defense?